Author Topic: Best way to decide which games to play?  (Read 5634 times)


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Best way to decide which games to play?
« on: August 09, 2008, 00:32:51 »
Since we were discussing this earlier, I'm really not so much of a fan of the PTC method of ranking games to play anyway. When the ideas are getting discussed ahead of time, like tonight, I get caught up in the moment thinking that it might be a good idea, but once it really gets down to it, I don't like ranking which games I want to play the most. I'm really in favor of just taking suggestions ahead of time of which games should be available and then getting a feel for what everyone is interested in and getting a majority of interest for playing a specific game at the moment of play. It seems like the PTC method of ranking doesn't work quite as efficiently as it is planned out to anyway, based on the Game Weeks that I've attended.

I was hoping that TylerChuit would be more open to playing Conquest II since it had been 2 years since we last played it, but since he's so strongly against playing it, I'll wait until another day when he's not attending. Maybe Arkham Horror should be just voted in as the big game of the day once again. After all, we probably should fit it in again while it's still fresh in our minds.
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