About The Progress Of This Project

This online game was developed by Nathaniel Dragon in 2005 as a play-by-mail-style web-based game, so players could be involved in one or more games, playing at times that were convenient to each player.

This game is based on a board game from Milton Bradley, Conquest of the Empire. Although this game is similar to the original, this game is not exactly the same as the board game. It's mixed with some features from the Eagle Games release and also has elements of the combat system based on the WarCraft Board Game by Fantasy Flight Games. Please look over the instructions of this game and if you are curious about something that is not listed there, please visit Dragons Hobbies Forum to ask any questions that the instructions do not answer. Also, please don't hesitate to let me know if there are differences the instructions and actual game play.

This was the first big PHP project that I had ever worked on, which means that there were many mistakes made that I now have a difficult time dealing with whenever there are updates to do. In 2006 I decided to take the game off my website because I was getting too frustrated with it.

Near the end of 2010, the game was brought back online, thanks to Chris (TylerChuit) for giving space on his website and encouragement to get back to developing this and other games. Version 1.3 is the updated version of the game, with adjustments to overcome changes to the core PHP language, hosting companies, and to use SMF as the base point for user login and management. There have been some details that were not recorded during this process, but I'll do my best to keep a log of further changes to the system. The entire thing really needs a complete rewrite, but that's not something I have time to tackle right now.

Version 1.3.1 - Uploaded 2012-07-27 Version 1.3.2 - Uploaded 2012-08-08 Version 1.3.3 - Uploaded 2012-08-26 Version 1.3.4 - Uploaded 2012-08-27 Version 1.3.5 - Uploaded 2012-08-29 Version 1.4 - Uploaded 2012-09-23 Version 1.5 - Uploaded 2015-11-15 Version 1.5.1 - Uploaded 2015-11-17 Version 1.5.2 - Uploaded 2015-11-18 Version 1.5.3 - Uploaded 2015-11-27 Version 1.5.4 - Uploaded 2016-10-07 Version 1.5.5 - Uploaded 2016-10-09 Version 1.5.6 - Uploaded 2016-10-19 Version 1.5.7 - Uploaded 2016-10-21 Version 1.5.8 - Uploaded 2016-10-31 Version 1.5.9 - Uploaded 2016-11-07 Version 1.5.10 - Uploaded 2016-11-21 Version 1.5.11 - Uploaded 2016-12-14 Version 1.6 - Uploaded 2016-12-29 Version 1.7 - Uploaded 2020-08-13 Version 1.7.1 - Uploaded 2020-08-15 Version 1.7.2 - Uploaded 2020-08-16 Version 1.7.3 - Uploaded 2020-09-27 Version 1.7.4 - Uploaded 2020-10-18 Version 1.7.5 - Uploaded 2020-10-25 Down the road...

There are some other features that I've been thinking about adding for a very long time. If you're interested in seeing any of these features added to the game, please post on the forum and let me know. Since I'm not doing this for financial gain, the encouragement of others is my biggest motivator to make time for more updates.

Thank you for your interest. I hope you enjoy the game. --Dragon

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