Conquest Instructions

Quick Start:

  1. Click View Map next to the game you're in.
  2. Click on your home territory.
    1. (In the upper right corner of the map page you should see a "Playing as..." notice.)
  3. Assign each Infantry unit to a General.
  4. Click Move This General next to a General with at least one Infantry unit.
    1. (This will take you back to the map page to select where you want to move.)
  5. Click an adjacent territory to move that Legion (a General and any combat units attached).
  6. Repeat steps 2 - 5 until you have moved all Legions that you desire.
  7. Click Finalize Movement and Battle to claim, or at least attempt to, new territory.
  8. Click Collect Income.
  9. Click Purchase to buy new combat units, ships, and cities.
    1. All new combat units will be placed on your home territory.
    2. Ships will be placed on the home territory but have an associated port that can be chosen.
    3. New cities can be placed on any territory currently controlled by you.
  10. Click Finish.

Comprehensive Instructions:

As a Conquest player, you will start off with one Caesar, 6 Generals, and 4 Infantry units on your starting territory. Each General (and Caesar) can command one legion. A legion is a group of combat units and may consist of up to 7 combat units: Infantry, Cavalry, or Artillery (Catapult).

When checking the index page of the Conquest game site, you should look at the Current Player and Stage of the game. This will show you up front if you are allowed to play yet and how close you are to your next turn. You can click on the View Map button to see the current map of your game. The Game Info link (in the navigation menu) will take you to more details about your game; your income, information about your legions, your captives, maybe even a message from an opposing or allied player. (If you are in multiple games, the Game Info link will show you details about the last map that you viewed.)

Even if it is not your turn you may still be able to do some things in the game. Of course, you can look over the map and see what your opponents are doing, but you can also assign your warriors to a General in the same territory. On the game info page you can also rename your Generals (and Caesar) to put some of your own flavor into the game and possibly to make it easier for you to remember which legions are which.

You may also use the in game messaging system to work out arrangements with other players, such as alliances, ransoms (for captured Generals), and even bribes. I'll leave the details of those deals up to you, but I will state that alliance terms are not binding within the game system. If a player sets a Ransom value on a General of yours, you have the option to pay it and that General will immediately be returned to your home territory. (If you've made a deal with another player in the game but do not know how to handle it, or are having trouble with the system, feel free to send a message to for assistance.)

The game is played in stages. You may not ever go back to a previous stage, but you may refer to your Game Info and the Map during all stages, by clicking on the link at the top of the page, in order to assist with your decisions. The game stages are described below.

After you are done purchasing, please click on the "Finish Turn" button so that the next player can take his turn right away.

If you have any questions about how to play this game, please post your questions in the Dragons Hobbies Forum (where everyone can benefit from the correspondence) and I will try to answer them as soon as I can.

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