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Tyco BanditPreface: When I was about 14 years old I got my first really cool r/c vehicle - a Tyco Bandit. This was a 2wd off-road truck with a pistol-grip controller. It had 2-speeds: normal and "turbo" speed along with reverse. I thought this was the best truck in the world! Unfortunately the gears didn't last long and it was soon taken to be replaced which was the last that I saw of my Bandit. A few years later, I graduated high school and moved into an apartment with some college friends and decided to check out that r/c stuff once again - this time getting a street car - the Tyco Lamborghini w/ twin engines. This also has the pistol-grip controller and, along with standard tradition of Tyco, this car also has normal, "turbo" speed, and reverse.

Now we're up to date, almost. Several years have passed and I have gotten married, served in the military, and bought our first home. I started noticing alot of cool cars on the cover of Radio Control Car Action magazine, aka Car Action, RCCA, R/C Car Action... (there may be more alias'). Thanks to the internet I found many great sites about the wide world of r/c and started finding out more. I also got a subscription to R/C Car Action and started reading about the monster trucks, which are often abbreviated as just MT.

During this time I continued to run my Tyco Lamborghini which is how I discovered my real interest in tinkering with the down-sized cars. One night while my brother Tim was over we were out playing with the "Lambo" and he smashed the drivers-side front into a curb. At first we didn't think much of it, since this car has taken a worse beating before from my youngest brother Lazer. Well, this time it wasn't so lucky - the left front wheel was nearly ripped off. The steering arm was broken and crucial parts were missing. Using some parts off a broken Tyco "Heads-Up" Buggy and some melted model plastic I was able to reconstruct the neccessary parts to get the "Lambo" up and running again. Since then I've sold my "Lambo" but you can read more about what happened on my Tyco page.

After months of reading I decided on the Traxxas T-Maxx, which is a gas-powered 4x4 monster truck. Now I have made my purchase from Tower Hobbies and I look forward to playing with my first gas-powered r/c vehicle. Find out what happening on my T-Maxx page.

Christmas of 2001, I got another toy that I've been talking about for months - the Kyosho Mini-Z. After some initial problems getting a working car from Tower Hobbies, this awesome little car is now in my possession. Check it out on my Mini-Z page.

In the spring of 2002 I added a Showcase section to display the RC vehicles of our regular visitors. Feel free to contact me and send in your photos for your own Showcase. Please include your username from the Forum if you are currently a member.

In June of 2002 I acquired two more rc vehicles plus enough parts for nearly two more. The two with the most potential are the Stampede and the Rustler - both Traxxas trucks. That makes ordering parts easier since I can get them all from the same place. Both trucks are electric, so that will save me some hassles.

If you're interested in discussing your rc vehicles, feel free to join our Forum and post a message about them anytime. We'll be glad that you joined and we might all be able to help each other out with one thing or another.