Author Topic: Tire Restoration Tips??  (Read 2709 times)


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Tire Restoration Tips??
« on: April 04, 2012, 07:04:43 »
I recently got the bug to start collecting vintage RCs.  I am much more interested in fixing up neglected models than buying up boxed-up shelf queens, but I'm having a hard time finding decent restoration tips.  I've been spoiled by the parts availability of hobby grade RCs, obviously 20 year old toy-grades are a whole other story.

I scored a deal on Craigslist today, a Fast Traxx pickup, an Aero Turbo Hopper, a Nikko Thunderbolt, and a Radio Shack Street Sprinter.  They're all in pretty good shape, but all the tires are pretty bad.  The Thunderbolt shares parts with a lot of RCs, including the Traxxas Cat (Tom Cat), so I'm OK there.  The others I can't really find replacements for, outside of stripping another vehicle.  I've heard of using silicone lubricant and boiling, I was just seeing if you guys had any tips.  OR, maybe you know where I can find some Hopper tires or Traxx treads?