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Dinosaur Tea Party
« on: April 24, 2022, 19:21:08 »
Yesterday, I played Dinosaur Tea Party with Anna and Grace. For those unfamiliar with the game, it is a remake of a game that I had as a child, called Whosit?, which is similar to the Guess Who game. There were some characters that "haven't aged well" from the original, so part of the challenge with this remake was to come up with something less offensive than a smoking black man wearing jewelry, an oriental Geisha Girl, and an elderly white woman who always says "No!" and so they eventually decided upon dinosaurs drinking tea and eating cake. Unlike the Guess Who game, Dinosaur Tea Party is a game intended for more than two players.

We had a random selection at the beginning of our first game, which determined that I would start. It was a pretty close game, but in the end I won, with Anna and Grace both having 2 of the 3 sugar cubes (points) required to win the game. The game took a bit longer than half-an-hour to play.

After our first game, we decided to enjoy some tea ourselves, before our second game. This time, I thought we should let Anna start.

In our second game, it took a little longer for me to get just my second sugar cube, but I did manage to get it just before Anna got her 3rd to win the game.

I wondered if it was just a matter of the player starting being the most likely winner. Looking back at my play logs, which I keep inside of each game box, it seems that there is a decent mix of winners, not necessarily the same as the starting player, so I'm not too concerned about that being a big factor in the game. Overall, I'm still happy that I have the game, and glad to have something other than Candyland that both of my youngest girls are willing to play.
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