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Snow Tails
« on: May 22, 2022, 12:56:45 »
I'm quickly recording some game play from a couple months ago, since I never got around to adding these to the site before. Snow Tails is a game that I played years ago, thanks to my friend Chris (TylerChuit), and I have wanted to add this one to my collection for quite a while. I finally got a copy in March.

Snow Tails is a game about racing sled dogs. It was originally published in 2008, but I have the third edition which was published by Renegade in 2015. It reminds me a little of Circus Maximus (Avalon Hill, 1979), but is much more streamlined.

I played Snow Tails on 2022-03-11 with Anna, Grace, and Beth. We raced on The Nutcracker track. Nathaniel won, Beth got second place, followed by Anna then Grace.

The following day, 2022-03-12, I played again with Beth and Isaac. We raced on the Dagger Of The Mountain Troll track. (Actually, Isaac just played the first turn or two before deciding that he had other things to do. We hadn't even gotten to the first curve of the track.) Beth finished first. I had cleared some of the trees out of the way for Beth to come through, taking some damage and getting slowed down as Beth passed me around the final corner of the track.

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