Author Topic: Warehouse 51 in Tarpon Springs  (Read 3202 times)


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Warehouse 51 in Tarpon Springs
« on: October 01, 2023, 17:00:18 »
My son and I stopped by Warehouse 51 in Tarpon Springs for the first time in years. I was happily surprised to see that they had nearly doubled the shop size compared to what it was before. They were still in the same plaza, at the corner of US-19 and Klosterman Rd, but had moved down to the other end of the strip where they had more space. They have a bigger sign at the front of the store now, but I'm not sure if it's visible from the road. (I didn't see it when I had looked before, but I was looking toward the other end when I passed by there from the angle that it might be visible.) While we were there, we saw several people playing Dungeons & Dragons. I think there were a couple people playing Magic: The Gathering also. The shop had even more games available for purchase than they had at the previous location. Fortunately for me, they happened to have exactly the game I was thinking about before I went in, so I managed to get an out-of-print game that had been on my Wish List for a while - New Angeles.
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