Dragons Hobbies

A World of Cardboard and Plastic

As the box opens, the light seems to shine in like a spotlight over a Broadway star. The friends gather around with anticipation to see the glorious bits of cardboard and plastic inside. The cardboard unfolds, revealing a beautiful landscape of golden browns, accented by dark blue oceans and royal red lettering chiseled out in a style that is easily associated with Rome. Red cubes are extracted from the box, each side bearing a symbol representing a group from the plastic warriors that have been hidden away in the darkness of the box. As the warriors come out, they are ready for battle - their spears have been sharpened, their shields have been tested, the horses they ride have been trained not to startle. Above this field of battle, the friends look down and transform themselves into commanders. As the commanders send out their troops, the thirst for more land is never quenched. Commanders push their men across the dark lines which delineate the territories, sometimes into battle, sometimes spreading their forces too thin, but always in preparation for victory. Cunning and luck determine the outcome of each battle. The victory might not come in this battle, but the commanders know that sometimes sacrifices must be made to secure the ultimate victory. As the commanders claim more territory, they collect an increasing amount of tribute in the form of silver and gold-colored coins. This tribute is spent to increase the strength of the army by building catapults, for long range attacks, galleys, to conquer territories across the sea, and fortifications to protect the homeland. In the end, only one of these commanders will be crowned Caesar before returning to the world of here and now.

Nathaniel "Dragon"
January 16, 2008