Author Topic: NIKKO '70 PLYMOUTH SUPERBIRD 10th scale  (Read 3108 times)


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« on: August 31, 2011, 19:58:38 »
I guess I'm officially part of the RC crowd on Dragon Hobbies now. I don't have a picture at the moment, but I wanted to post.
Found a Yellow Superbird RC car at a garage sale, it worked, so I bought it being the die-hard Mopar nut that I am. I thought it was quite fast, found out at home it doesn't work so good on carpet.
It's huge, gotta be at least 20 inches long.
There is a switch on the bottom that unleashes really loud engine noises, even squeals the tires and locks up the brakes when you do the appropriate action, at least the sounds make it seem like it is.
I see on the bottom that is says '2005 Plymouth Daimler Benz', makes me think its a Plymouth dealership item for sale. ??? It is made by Nikko though, I found a cool site on Google showing it for sale for $60, discontinued now though.

Well, that is it until I take a picture and add it this post. I may try to capture a video of it, the sounds are pretty neat. The seller told me the batteries run down much faster with the optional sound switch on. Makes sense to me.

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would love to see this guy sounds cool,,post pics when you get a chance sir !!!
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