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Although I did enjoy the new A-Team movie for the most part, it did feel formulaic.  Not like the origional TV show, but like a combination of movies like Ocean's Eleven, Mission Impossible, and a few others.  I liked those films too, I was just expecting something new.  The characters were similar enough to the original series to put the fact of different actors aside.  In fact, remembering it now, I'm having a hard time not picturing the original TV actors in the scenes from the movie.

Of course, Hannibal had to use the phrase, "I love it when a plan comes together," but B.A.'s catchphrase only made an appearance in the very beginning of the film as tatoos on his knuckles.  I didn't quite care for the symbolic significance of B.A.'s haircut though.  That seemed a bit pointless.

  Mohawk symbolism aside, the one thing that really bothered me was near the end of the film, so I will definately try to tread lightly as to how much I describe.  During the film, they established pretty well that Face was good at manipulating people to get his way, but it wasn't really spelled out that he was a "con-man".  He devises a complicated plan based on a classic "con-man" thing.  Hannibal remarks at one point that, "flashy is underrated."  Try unnecessary and highly improbable.  It might have possibly worked if the CG had been better, but it was just a lot of bad CG to pull off something that really made very little sense in the first place.

Otherwise, I actually did like this movie.  Like I said, the actors stayed true to the characters, and in the case of Murdock, actually improved the character somewhat.
There were some really great moments that recalled what I used to love about the series.  I particularly liked the explanation that it was 8 years of flying with Murdock that actually drove a hardcore Airborne Ranger like B.A. to be afraid of flying. ;D
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I did watch the A-Team movie, a few years ago. Looking back at it now, especially as a big fan of the A-Team TV show, I remember it seeming to lack the entertainment value that I would have hoped for. But really, the van was the biggest disappointment to me. They totally destroyed the A-Team van at the beginning of the movie and just moved on. That van was a major bit of the character of the original show to me. It would be like having a Knight Rider movie without K.I.T.T...
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