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13 Dead End Drive - Hasbro / Milton Bradley - 1993 - Out Of Print
Review by: Nathaniel Dragon

13 Dead End Drive box coverThis game has been described as a modern Mouse Trap game, which seems true to some extent - although I don't remember Mouse Trap enough to compare it entirely. Setup for this game includes assembling walls and furniture which might be seen in any mansion - a statue, large bookshelf, chandelier, staircase, and a fireplace. Each of these pieces can become a deadly trap for any of the 12 player characters in the game. Although there are 12 different characters, there is a maximum of 4 players suggested by the rules. Each player will try to get one of his or her 3 or 4 characters into position to claim the fortune left behind by "The Very Late Aunt Agatha". What makes this difficult is that everyone is able to move any character and will be trying to "knock off" your characters by moving them onto traps.

The rules to the game were not very difficult to catch onto. The most complicated reading seemed to be for setting up the game board, so once that is prepared the rest of the rules seemed to be pretty straight forward. The only rule that I initially missed was how the detective moves - which is only when stated to move on a card. The detective should not be considered in most reference to pawns.

As of this writing I feel that 13 Dead End Drive is an entertaining game and although the simple rules allow young people to play, the game does have enough strategic element to bring adults into the game.

There is a new version of 13 Dead End Drive called 1313 Dead End Drive. There Are some minor changes to the game from what I've read but it appears to be the same game overall. If you're interested in purchasing 1313 Dead End Drive - BUY THIS GAME AT FUNAGAIN GAMES.