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Kill Doctor Lucky - Manufacturer: Cheapass Games - Designer: James Ernest; Rick Fish - Year: 1997 - $5.95 (boxed edition) AT FUNAGAIN GAMES*
Review by: Nathaniel Dragon

Cheapass Games' best seller is a murder mystery with a twist... It hasn't happened yet.

You are in the house of Dr. Lucky, whom you are determined to kill, for some reason, but the problem is that Dr. Lucky has many people that are trying to kill him. To properly get your revenge, you must get Dr. Lucky away from the view of the others in order to kill him. The others, of course, are going to try to stop you, in order to kill him themselves. What a lucky man he is.

Kill Doctor Lucky is often unpredictable - sometimes ending in a matter of minutes, other times lasting 30-60 minutes. As the game continues, the attacks get more and more difficult for opponents to stop, until the final blow which ends the game. It often involves some funny situations, but sometimes gets frustrating when players get multiple turns due to locations of Dr. Lucky.

Overall, I have to say that I really like this game. This was also the first game from Cheapass that I tried, and I'm glad I did. It's gotten me interested in looking at more of their simple, yet fun games.

Most games from Cheapass Games are made similarly to this one - simple and cheap. They are usually printed in black and white and fit into a large envelope or thin cardboard boxes - such as Give Me the Brain, Lord of the Fries, Parts Unknown, and The Great Brain Robbery. Cheapass Games also has created a special branch of the company called James Ernest Games which have other great games that are manufactured in higher quality at a higher cost - such as Brawl, Falling, and Girl Genius: The Works.

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