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Hero Quest - Manufacturer: Milton Bradley/Games Workshop - Year: 1990
Review by: Nathaniel Dragon

Looking for an adventure in fantasy? Hero Quest could very well be the game for you. Play as a Warrior, Wizard, Dwarf, or Elf in this expandable game system.

With one player in the role of Zargon, a powerful wizard, the other 1 to 4 players enter dungeons to complete a goal and the board is set up specific to instructions of each scenario. Zargon controls the actions of all creatures within the dungeons other than the adventuring characters. (Example: In the first adventure of the game, the adventurers are entering a dungeon to defeat and evil gargoyle and his minions.) The areas of the dungeon are hidden until the players move their characters into places that reveal more.

The adventures also can continue with players gaining more treasure, better weapons and armor. Throughout the adventures, players might also find magical artifacts that have special powers.

In addition to the standard game, which includes a book of 14 adventures, avid players may also be interested in getting expansions to the game. The Barbarian quest is the only one that I have but there are 3 or more others. The Barbarians Quest Pack includes a female barbarian character and has a polar/ice theme. Each of the expansions adds more monsters to the game, along with special pieces to change the board, and even magical items.

Hero Quest is a very entertaining adventure game, simple enough for new players, but not too shallow for those who have played for a while. Unfortunately this game is now out-of-print and may be difficult to find outside of auctions.

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