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Commander Ambitious (aka Rick)

RickI is Commander Ambitious! I haven't the faintest idea what the game is really all about, cause I just go play with Ernie, Dave, and Nathaniel (the other Commanders), have a few beers, smoke outside during breaks, and enjoy getting outta town for the nite and staying and playing with them. As a pilot, I is not a big dude. I is little like Nathaniel, sorta small, however the two of us can kick ass sometimes. I am the oldest pilot, age-wise, however, not the most brilliant. Nathaniel is the most skilled, Dave is the most witty, and Ernie is the most comical. I weigh 128lbs, stand 5'7" tall, but my Mechs are skyscraper size.........I think. I was born in Pennsylvania (sorry to say), raised in West Virginia (Wild and Wonderful!!!), and now, party here in Florida. (The "Fountain of Youth"?....Don't get your hopes up. I have never seen so many old people in my life !!!)

Let's see, I like pizza, subs, and the fact some genius invented the Microwave for meals. I like to drink beer, smoke cigarettes, (weed, occassionally), and be with friends. Sex? For sure. I is gay, but not a flaming queen type, not that I think anyway. I may seem extroverted, but actually, I is very insecure and introverted, scared no one likes me, or wants to make fun of me.

As for the Battlefield, if I is lucky, I can kick ass like the other Commanders, but for me it is luck, cause I ain't to great at strategy stuff. That's Nathaniel, Dave's, and Ernies's game.

So, If anyone out there wants to join our group, COME ON! We have fun, we is all cool, and it sure beats doing drugs, getting plastered, or being a couch potao in front of the tv.

OOps, I almost forgot.....My hair color is sorta blonde, but I picked up a whole bunch of different colors for special occasions, like Battletech, (Hey, I'll do anything to confuse the enemies), so who knows.....I may be sporting Purple, green, or blue mettalic hair. Come challenge us if you think you can handle it.

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