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Beta Campaign

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Late in the 31st century, four commanders go to war over an area of 12 territories. Their weapons of destruction were gigantic robotic machines called BattleMechs. New 'Mechs are in production. Powerful forces are preparing for deployment. Millions of C-Bills are being spent. Alliances are being negotiated. This is only the beginning!

Starting Map


RickCommander Ambitious

DaveCommander Cinemax

NathanielCommander Dragon

ErnieCommander Squee

Campaign Rules

Using standard BattleTech rules and a few variant rules, four players will battle for control over 12 territories. The following rules will be used:

Critical Attack Rolls: When doing attack rolls, if a player rolls 2 the roll is considered a critical failure and the weapon that was fire takes damage as if it had taken a critical hit - refered to as "slagged". If the player rolls 2 during a Physical attack that player must roll for a critical hit to an actuator in the location that was involved in the attack. On the other hand, if a player rolls 12 when making either a Weapon or Physical Attack, the location of the hit will have a possible Critical Hit even if the exterior armor isn't penetrated. This is not valid if the attack is only successful on an attack roll of 12. This rule does not affect Hit Location Rolls.

Modified Physical Attacks: These will be determined with the Piloting Skill as the basis, but will also have a penalty for Clan Warriors using Physical Attacks. See Physical Attack Reference.

Move first or Attack first: We won't be using the standard simultanious attack rules. Each player will roll initiative - the highest roller wins initiative, the lowest roller loses initiative. When more than 2 players are active all players will be in order from highest to lowest. The player with the worst initiative will move first and attack last. The player with the best initiative will move last and attack first.

Each player selects one house or clan which they would like to be affiliated with and starts off with three territories. Each territory would have an army selected by the player at a total cost of 50 Million C-Bills. Players get one MechWarrior and one Technician for each BattleMech or vehicle according to the Scavaging and Repair Rules, which we will be using. Each player will start with the following experianced MechWarriors (Technicians will be matched with the same level of Warrior): 1 Elite, 2 Veteran, and 3 Regular. All other MechWarriors (and their Technicians) will be Green.

Before each game that we play, an attacker will be determined and he will select a target planet. The defender (player currently controlling the planet) will select the maps to be used. The attacker must select a location where an opposing force is located. If this is not possible the attacker may move his forces to an adjacent planet rather than attacking. If the unit is moved to an enemy territory, treat the territory as if it were neutral. The player has the option to move to a neutral territory (see below) by paying 1,000,000 C-Bills in penalty to that territory. (This territory stays neutral.)

Players have the option to make allies, although theses aren't binding. Allies should play on the same team if possible.

The attacker will provide all personel and equipment for the attacking force, based on what is available from the attacking planet. Defenders will also provide all personel and equipment for the defending force based on availability from the defending planet.

When a unit retreats from battle they must return their original location, or in the case of the original defending force, they must retreat to a friendly planet. The winner of the battle will remain at the location of the attack.

When every unit of a player is destroyed, the planets which were claimed by that player and are currently unoccupied are from then on considered neutral and player must pay 1,000,000 C-Bills for entering this territory. The overall winner will be determined when all other players are eliminated or when overwhelming odds are determined in favor of only one player.

Note: Incase you couldn't tell, this is a simple campaign where there isn't much actual BattleTech history being used. FASA's Jumpship and Dropship rules are also not used. The territory names are taken from the map of the Inner Sphere year 3057 in the BattleTech Compendium: Rules of Warfare. If you have any suggestions for improvement on this campaign, please post a message on our forum.

Starting Forces spreadsheet

  • The Ambitious Army of Clan Jade Falcon
    Funds: 4,183,203 C-Bills
    Arc Royal
    Ice Ferret (Fenris) H [45 tons; 12,432,300 C-Bills; 1,342 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Larry (Veteran); Skills: G-3 P-4
    Predator [60 tons; 12,127,200 C-Bills; 1,592 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Curley (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Vapor Eagle (Goshawk) [55 tons; 12,227,795 C-Bills; 2,243 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Shemp (Regular); Skills: G-2 P-4
    Viper (Dragonfly) A [40 tons; 11,427,032 C-Bills; 1,845 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Moe (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Dark Nebula
    Deathsman [95 tons; 11,130,341 C-Bills; 1,974 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Private Ricky (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Nova (Blackhawk) H [50 tons; 11,659,374 C-Bills; 1,552 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Tank (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Phantom [40 tons; 11,206,387 C-Bills; 1,029 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Little Willy (Regular); Skills: G-4 P-4
    Stormcrow (Ryoken) D [55 tons; 15,456,998 C-Bills; 1,698 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Big Peter (Veteran); Skills: G-1 P-2
    ArcAngel 777 [70 tons; 16,929,506 C-Bills; 2,221 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: ELT01 (Elite); Skills: G-0 P-1
    Kill-N-U [70 tons; 13,970,374 C-Bills; 2,524 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: REG01 (Regular); Skills: G-3 P-3
    Swifty [50 tons; 8,555,000 C-Bills; 1,626 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: GRN05 (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Yogi {50 tons; 8,694,500 C-Bills; 1,581 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: GRN06 (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
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  • The Blind Followers of Clan Ghost Bear
    Funds: 1,585,802 C-Bills
    Angry Panda (Red Panda) [80 tons; 15,853,320 C-Bills; 1,937 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Papa (Veteran); Skills: G-3 P-4
    Bear [45 tons; 4,442,002 C-Bills; 1,575 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Yogi (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Conjurer (Hellhound) DW101 [50 tons; 5,245,500 C-Bills; 1,598 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Bob (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Griffin IIC [40 tons; 4,255,510 C-Bills; 1,492 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Skip (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Orion IIC [75 tons; 8,267,000 C-Bills; 1,923 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Fred (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Stone Rhino (Behemoth) DW6225 [100 tons; 10,934,000 C-Bills; 2,586 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Zip (Regular); Skills: G-4 P-5
    Bizy Bear (Mean Bear) [20 tons; 3,190,640 C-Bills; 1,120 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Manny (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Gentle Ben 101A [100 tons; 29,803,334 C-Bills; 2,390 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Jack (Veteran); Skills: G-2 P-2
    Orion IIC DW102 [75 tons; 16,604,000 C-Bills; 2,607 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Moe (Regular); Skills: G-2 P-4
    Adder (Puma) A [35 tons; 7,217,438 C-Bills; 1,304 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Barney (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Grendel B [45 tons; 12,052,400 C-Bills; 1,800 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Larry (Regular); Skills: G-4 P-4
    Marauder IIC [85 tons; 9,913,534 C-Bills; 2,217 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Joe (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Summoner (Thor) A [70 tons; 20,635,520 C-Bills; 2,119 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Chewie (Elite); Skills: G-1 P-1
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  • The Dreadnok Raiders of Clan Wolf
    Funds: 1,009,576 C-Bills
    Annihilator IIC [100 tons; 30,155,000 C-Bills; 2,999 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Ripp (Veteran); Skills: G-3, P-2
    Beowulf IIC 2 [50 tons; 9,750,000 C-Bills; 2,439 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Zandar (Green); Skills: G-4, P-6
    Knight L26 [85 tons; 9,703,744 C-Bills; 2,482 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Buzz (Regular); Skills: G-3 P-4
    Bastage [45 tons; 9,081,894 C-Bills; 1,802 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Tomax (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Corvis D1 [40 tons, 3,415,814 C-Bills; 1,419 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Xamot (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Tower [100 tons; 37,070,418 C-Bills; 3,009 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Sebatian (Veteran); Skills: G-1 P-2
    The Rock
    Dreadnok (Ripper) [60 tons; 13,757,760 C-Bills; 1,849 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Zartan (Elite); Skills; G-0 P-3
    Glass Spider (Galahad) 2 [60 tons; 5,382,400 C-Bills; 1,755 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Torch (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Joker A1 [50 tons; 11,631,249 C-Bills; 2,088 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Thrash (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Thunderhead (Turtle) [85 tons; 9,859,144 C-Bills; 2,129 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Zanzibar (Regular); Skills: G-4 P-4
    Warhammer IIC [80 tons; 9,183,001 C-Bills; 2,159 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Zarana (Regular); Skills: G-3 P-5
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  • The Squee Force of Clan Smoke Jaguar
    Funds: 4,659,490 C-Bills
    Andraus (Havoc) [100 tons; 28,085,334 C-Bills; 2,574 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Duff (Veteran); Skills: G-1 P-2
    Guillotine IIC-EFM [70 tons; 7,825,666 C-Bills; 1,822 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Bud (Regular); Skills: G-4 P-4
    Ozark [55 tons; 12,126,890 C-Bills; 1,561 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Junior (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Turtle Bay
    Behemoth EFM [100 tons; 28,743,334 C-bills; 2,432 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Grange (Elite); Skills: G-3 P-1
    Mortem (CBK) [50 tons; 9,897,000 C-Bills; 1,749 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Karl (Regular); Skills: G-4 P-5
    Stalker (Lumber) [55 tons; 9,948,106 C-Bills; 1,698 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Lem (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Hellbringer (Loki) C-EFM [65 tons; 14,461,809 C-Bills; 2,115 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Damien (Veteran); Skills: G-3 P-3
    Maxus (Minimus) [45 tons; 9,623,215 C-Bills; 1,248 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Dave (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Phantom EFM [40 tons; 8,095,126 C-Bills; 1,371 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Miller (Regular); Skills: G-2 P-4
    Stooping Hawk D-EFM [55 tons; 5,674,136 C-Bills; 1,756 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Crane (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Vulcan IIC-EFM [40 tons; 3,741,734 C-Bills; 1,393 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Bill (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Werewolf IIC-EFM [40 tons; 7,118,160 C-Bills; 1,540 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Daniel (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
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