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Beta Campaign

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Battle 2.1 - Combined Forces

The four commanders have come to an agreement to merge units. Cinemax has brought his unit into the Dreadnok Raiders to reinforce the northern side of Dragon's territory. In the south, Ambitious joins up with Squee and prepares an assault carrying the flag of the Squee Jaguars.


Ernie 020517
Commander Squee

Rick 020517
Commander Ambitious

Tim 020517
Lieutenant Doc Folly

Nathaniel 020517
Commander Dragon

Dave 020517
Commander Cinemax

Status Report

Turn 2This was our first battle after a 2 month break from the game. It was kind of tough getting back into the swing of things, but it was cool chillin' out with the guys again. This game also marked 2 other great events - the merger of forces and Doc Folly's first BattleTechnical event!

Calculating? Or just Chillin'?Due to Commander Squee's cunning in selecting the attack, the Ambitious Squee Jaguar 'Mechs invaded Arc Royal from Wolcott. This brought up a situation that I definitely wanted to avoid again - 3 vs 6! Unfortunately with our time restraints, Commander Cinemax and I were unable to hold off the attacking force long enough to allow a fighting retreat. Hegira was called midway through the attack phase of the 4th round. (It took us 4 hours to get to that point anyway, possibly due to having a 5th player or just being out of practice... probably more of the latter.)

Turn 3Initially Commander Cinemax and I, with our 3 'Mechs, moved up the hills toward the cover of trees. The Squee Jaguars moved in at blurring speeds with his Medium 'Mechs. Lieutenant Doc Folly held up the right flank heading toward the Bastage; Commander Squee started up the center, appearing to be on stand-by for the unit; and Commander Ambitious sent his warriors up the left flank to face off with the Dreadnok's Tower almost immediately.

Squee positioning the Stooping Hawk.As the speedy Jaguar 'Mechs moved into position, the Dreadnok's Tower knocked them down one by one, nearly destroying each one in a single volley. Reinforcing their left flank the attackers were able to push the Tower back into a defensive position before finally forcing the Dreadnok unit to withdraw completely.

Final positionsDispite being nearly the last one to move into an aggressive position, MechWarrior Crane was commemorated for his successful attacks on the Tower which finalized the decision for the Dreadnok Commanders to retreat. As the Dreadnok's retreat to Rasalhague the MechWarriors prepare themselves for their return to Arc Royal.

(Status Reporter: Dragon)

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